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Acquisition of specialist consultancy for QML Holdings Ltd.

QML Holdings are delighted to announce its latest acquisition following the completion of purchase of NIASS on the 10th of February 2021. NIASS deliver exceptional Business Development & Supply Chain assistance to several organisations within the UK Civil Nuclear and Nuclear Defence sectors by providing a Business Pursuit life cycle model which promotes the use […]

Communication for the acquisition of CNML by QML Holdings

As of 18th September 2020, QML Holdings acquired Cavendish Nuclear Manufacturing Limited (CNML). Based in Chester, CNML is now renamed back to its former name of Deva Manufacturing Limited. The newly acquired company joins alongside specialist engineering firms – QFS Technologies, Hockley Pattern & Tool Ltd, 5th Dimension Composites and Quantum Manufacturing Limited. This new leg of […]

A fitting example of practical precision tooling using advanced metrology

Hockley Pattern & Tool, Halesowen, England, is an example of a company dedicated to the art and science of making perfect tooling. This article is about how Hockley builds and verifies advanced tooling. Form tooling and fixturing as a manufacturing concept has spanned the ages and today remains the foundation for many advanced parts, including […]

QML Holdings acquires 5th Dimension Composites

QML Holdings have recently acquired 5th Dimension Composites, previously known as 5th Dimension Tooling Ltd., to join alongside specialist engineering firms and MIM members QFS and Hockley Pattern & Tool Ltd. This new leg of the wider QML Holdings group will offer a total solutions service, drawing upon the wider group’s engineering expertise and building […]