QML Holdings acquires 5th Dimension Composites

QML Holdings have recently acquired 5th Dimension Composites, previously known as 5th Dimension Tooling Ltd., to join alongside specialist engineering firms and MIM members QFS and Hockley Pattern & Tool Ltd. This new leg of the wider QML Holdings group will offer a total solutions service, drawing upon the wider group’s engineering expertise and building partnerships with their clients. The business has already created a number of new jobs within the manufacturing sector as a result of the acquisition and development plans. 

5th Dimension Composites hopes to deliver a total composites solutions, for the development and manufacture of composite components, assemblies and tooling. With expertise from the former 5th Dimension Tooling, the new business is ready to deliver projects across a broad range of sectors including aerospace, serial automotive, motorsport and defence. Their new ethos is “If you can imagine it, we can build it – together we can take your project to the next dimension”. 

Tim Wybrow, Managing Director of 5th Dimension Composites, recently took over the business and told the Made in Group why the business has taken this direction. He said:

“The 5th Dimension has been going for over 10 years, and whilst we offered great tooling solutions we noticed a gap in the market for offering a more complete set of composite and tooling solutions. The new business fits really well alongside the other businesses in the QML Holdings Group, complementing rather than duplicating expertise found in the sister businesses.

We no longer want to be known for tooling only and are now looking at the best ways to make parts for our clients.”

COVID-19 has caused massive effects on business and society as a whole. Whilst many businesses are struggling during these challenging times QML Holdings decided to seize the opportunity to offer clients a total solution service all under one roof. Tim continued:

“These are very challenging times across the industry, however, we noticed an increasing demand for this type of total solutions service. We are embracing these challenging times by moving the business forward.” 

On top of this, as a result of the acquisition of 5th Dimension Composites, the firm has managed to bring all employees back from Furlough and has already launched plans to employ more, bringing additional skills within the business. 

Telling The Made in Group what he hopes to achieve with 5th Dimension Composites, Tim concluded:

“Whilst we have delivered a number of highly innovative projects in the past, the addition of a new set of skills and experiences as well as our proven ability to engage customers, will allow 5th Dimension Composites to disrupt the market.

As a business, we aim to show increasing agility and breadth of experience, allowing us to support more complex projects in a wider range of industries. We will offer an all-round solution to our clients.”

You can contact 5D Composites on 0121 522 3722 .