Nèos International is a UK headquartered engineering group, supporting many of the world’s leading OEM’s by providing innovative solutions from our multiple technology centres within the UK, Portugal and India.

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Our biggest asset throughout Nèos is our people…

Our biggest asset throughout Nèos is our people – highly skilled, dedicated, and motivated. Nèos focuses on the use of advanced technologies to provide solutions to our customers often complex and challenging problems. All Nèos companies work to provide long term support to our customers on a collaborative basis. Each Nèos company is recognised as an industry leader in providing its niche product to the Aerospace, Automotive, Nuclear, Defence, Composite, Rail and Space sectors.

For over 40 years, our companies have supplied a combination of:

Automotive Prototype & Low Volume Production parts – Metallic or Composite.

Composite Product Solutions – concept through to part delivery.

Nuclear Waste Containment systems – stainless steel drums, boxes, stillages & gloveboxes.

Specialist Complex Tooling for the global Composite Market.

Specialist Tooling Solutions supporting both part production and assembly.

Engineering lead Large Scale Precision Manufacturing.

Integrated Supply Chain Management through an extension supply chain.

Specialist consultancy within safety critical industries, providing Independent Business Pursuit Services.

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