Widely regarded as the industry leading manufacturer of steel containment products and recognised by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority as a key supplier, vital for the UK’s decommissioning plans for the next decade and beyond.

46,000 sq. ft to produce a wide range of manufactured products to support the remediation of highly sensitive nuclear legacy facilities.

This extensive knowledge of producing ‘nuclear product’ and ‘hazardous waste’ containers for the Nuclear Industry includes High Level Waste Flasks, Intermediate Level 4m3 and 3m3 boxes, 3m3 Drums 500L drums, Low Level boxes and store furniture.

Nuclear Processing equipment, such as Glovebox and Re-Processing equipment previously supplied throughout the nuclear industries major sites.

In addition, the facility is used for the testing, development, mock-up and initial commissioning of bespoke equipment. Other industries supported include oil and gas, medical, food and agriculture for high-quality stainless-steel products

Containments Solutions 

High Integrity Stainless Steel Products

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